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The Interlopers and Wepeel 9/18/10 [photos]

The Blue Lake crowd was in effect at the Alibi last night, for Portland punk band The Interlopers. Apparently drummer Jeff Cooley is from Humboldt, and used to work with a bunch of the Mad River Brewery folks, who are quite stoked on their recent awards at the Great American Brew Festival (Congratulations, guys!). The band started the night with high energy, opening for local Weezer tribute band Wepeel.

Weezer announced this week that the band is going to be going on the road in the next few months, playing only songs from their Blue Album and Pinkerton albums -- I think it's an attempt to win back their original fans (like me), who haven't been terribly impressed by the band's last decade-or-so of releases.

Wepeel feels the same way as many of those old Weezer fans, so they only cover songs from the Blue Album and Pinkerton. CJ, the band's singer started out last night's show at the Alibi by telling the crowd, "If you want to hear 'Island in the Sun,' leave right now." The crowd stayed (even through technical difficulties which found the bass player borrowing the Interlopers' bass player's instrument), sang along, and moshed. CJ's Buddy Holly glasses frames, a nod to the 1994 Weezer hit of the same name and the band's lead singer Rivers Cuomo, were casualties of one of the mosh pits. The frames now sit on a shelf in my apartment.

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