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Mark McIntire of Gratitillium
Yeah, I'm working backwards again on photo editing and posting. That's kind of what time allows for in my little world.

Some bullet points about this show:

  • Local band White Manna is... loud. Totally different lineup than the last time I saw them, and they seem to be layering more noises on top of other noises. "Psych" for the sake of being psych isn't my favorite, but I get what the "psych rock" crowd sees in them. 
  • Hosannas: Wow. A brotherly Portland duo, who sometimes play with a full band (their most recent album was recorded as such). Kind of chill, but without being boring.
  • Gratitillium: My surprise of the night, Gratitillium's bass play is Mark McIntire, formerly of Portland's No Go Know (in fact, Scott Taylor of NGK booked this tour for the band). McIntire described their music as sounding a lot like the shins, but I also heard some Vampire Weekend in there, and heard someone else throw Modest Mouse into the mix. The day after the show, I sent a track of theirs called "Monkey Play" over to KHUM, and Mike Dronkers has played it on the air a couple of times. If I had my way, I'd send the band back home from tour (after they played the Arcata date, of course) to get on recording their next album, but they've assured me that's next on the to-do list after returning from this tour and a short breather. 
  • Strix Vega: I've watched/listened to this band move from clearly adoring everything Neil Young, to slowly start making the shift to the more psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd and the Doors (Could it have anything to do with bass/keyboard/gong player Andy Powell's job as a DJ at local classic rock station KWPT "The Point"? Or perhaps he loved the classic stuff first. Only Powell knows.). They've started playing some epic instrumental pieces that just break my heart. Oh, and they finished this show by moving off the stage, into the middle of the dance floor, and playing "Carson Iceberg Wilderness," off the band's "Estranged Meadow" EP (you can also hear it in the music player, at the top of this page), acoustic. Instead of drummer Jay Forbes' full drum kit, he played only a floor tom, and Powell did his keyboard parts on (I'm not kidding) my grandmother's accordion. What a way to end the show!

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At 10/20/2010 6:09 PM Forevermelody said...

Awww, you make me miss the Humboldt music scene soooo much. Great photos BTW. You're so talented.

At 7/24/2011 7:03 AM Dan said...

Cool post.


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